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Partnership Program


increase your profits with innovative solution

  • You have the opportunity to present and promote MCube ALLS under your company’s name and brand;
  • Integration of IT system at your office and training for your team;
  • Consign the mobile app free-of-charge to your clients;
  • Opportunity to take up technical support of the product;


Partnership program

The partnership program of MTechnologies is designed to help our partners build a substantial market presence in the growing competitive market of innovative products.

MTechnologies treats partners as own team who contribute to the leadership and market success of our company in the respective region, or country. The benefits of the program are establishment of competitive advantage and increase of net sales in the long-run.

The partnership program of MTechnologies is open to every company in every market which desires to make business by selling the product and solutions of MTechnologies. We are open to business with mobile network operators, insurance, facility management, energy companies.

Partner advantages

  • Increase your customer base via MCube
  • Offer new service to your clients
  • Sales tool for attracting new business
  • Customer care: remote monitoring of consumers and forecasting electricity consumption
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase mobile app download
  • Opportunity for constant communication with client via website and app
  • Gain ‘green company’ image by offering ‘green’ solutions
  • Opportunity to brand the device according to partner requirements
  • Gain ‘innovative company’ image
  • Gain ‘socially responsible’ image
  • Quality and minimum two year product life are guaranteed
  • Produced in EU with CE marking
  • Opportunity for issuing production license for a certain country, or region
  • Low production cost – produced in Bulgaria – low taxes, low labor cost, access to qualified engineers
  • Opportunity to become unique supplier for a certain country, or region
  • Opportunity to become unique distributor (exclusive partner) for a certain country, or region
  • Sell IP protected and patented product



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