Embedded software

MTechnologies develops various microprocessor-based embedded systems, software and devices

The team of MTechnologies has extensive experience in software development for different spheres, such as multimedia, cars, networking, telecom and wireless. The company is specialized in systems design, software, hardware and firmware development and many others.

Our know-how in embedded systems software and skills in hardware design and development makes us an ideal partner for every kind of company dealing with products, or research and development. MTechnologies is capable of carrying a project from concept to creation and prototype design and production.

Industries of competence


Automotive industry: digital navigating device, pit controllers, etc.


Vision control and machine vision for all industry sectors


Software security for instruments and built-in devices


Electronics design

Advantages of embedded software

From concept to creation

Our company encloses all stages of product design and production – from concept to creation


We execute product service and repair under manufacturer warranty

CE Certificate

All of our products are tested in accredited laboratory and possess CE certificate

Competitive pricing

Competitive product pricing due to low taxes and production and labor costs

MTechnology embedded  solutions

In nowadays everyday life, the expenses for electricity, water, gas and other resources are some of the largest in the budget of each enterprise. Very often, the bills coming at the end of each month make you face an unexpected situation with unpredicted contingencies. You virtually have no idea how much you will have to pay before you receive your bill. But the problem, to a large extent, is not in how much money you have to pay but why and from where so much money came to your bill.

The energy management system is an innovative solution in the management of the money for energy resources. With it, you can follow the use of resources by your computer in real time and in cash equivalent. Besides, you can make statements for certain periods and for definite resources.

The Energy Management system allows you to plan your monthly expenses and find discrepancies in your bills. This is an instrument with which you can optimize by 100% the resources used by you. 

The module for lighting management is designed especially for monitoring and control of contemporary lighting systems. Its use is important for energy efficiency in administrative and industrial premises.

The construction of the lighting installation with an option for regulation of the light flow could lead to a decrease of 60% of the consumption of electrical power in such premises. This allows you, besides reducing your expenses for electrical power, also to optimize by 100% the use of lighting.

The module is connected to the system for management of the premises and allows individual consumer setting of its performance. You can manage flexibly the lighting schemes, the intensity of lighting according to the illumination of the room, switching on and off the lighting in the presence of someone, emergency mode of lighting, time mood of lighting.

The system allows independent switching on/off of each air-conditioner or electric convector at home by your telephone.

The management is done by modules. When a signal for switching on is sent, the relevant device (air conditioner or electrical convector) switches on and works under the mode set by its thermal regulator. Besides the control of air conditioners and electrical heaters, the system allows the management of all other appliances, too – water heater, coffee machine, electric blinds.

In case of central heating, the system we offer you will enable you to switch on selected radiators at home by your phone, for example one hour before you come home and enjoy the warm rooms without the necessity that the radiators have worked all day long. Similarly, if you have forgotten open radiators, the system will give you the chance to switch them off after you have left your home with the use of a mobile phone or a PC.

The system gives you the right to manage your home wherever you are.

Central wireless heating control at the hotel reception (Central Heating Control). Independent heating control in each room from the reception.

The hotel system allows individual control of each heating appliance by the mouse or keyboard of a standard PC situated at the hotel reception. The system ensures a significant economy of electrical and heat energy and avoids dangers caused by negligence of the service staff or the hotel guests. When necessary, it ensures the fast simultaneous switching off of the heating in all rooms or in the rooms on a certain floor.

The system will reduce significantly your expenses for electricity (in case of electrical heating) or the expenses for fuel (with local central heating). The individual control of the heating appliances in each room allows savings from all unnecessary expenses when there are no guests in the room or when they are absent for a long time.

The system will ensure the remote switching off at the reception of all forgotten heating appliances (radiators of the central heating, air-conditioners, convector heaters, etc.) is a room. Even in case of clothes and other inflammable materials left unattended on the appliances (when leaving the room), the remote switching off at the reception will protect you from fire, fumes or emissions of cancerogenous gases from excessive heating of synthetic materials.

With local central heating, the system allows independent switching off of each heating radiator by a PC at the reception. The control is done by an electric magnetic valve installed on the radiator itself.

The system allows the instant switching off (from the reception) of the radiators in all rooms (in case of failure of the boiler installation) or only on a certain floor without the necessity of going round the rooms and bothering the hotel guests.

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