System for heating control

Method of operation

Central wireless heating control at the hotel reception (Central Heating Control). Independent heating control in each room from the reception.

The hotel system allows individual control of each heating appliance by the mouse or keyboard of a standard PC situated at the hotel reception. The system ensures a significant economy of electrical and heat energy and avoids dangers caused by negligence of the service staff or the hotel guests. When necessary, it ensures the fast simultaneous switching off of the heating in all rooms or in the rooms on a certain floor.
The system will reduce significantly your expenses for electricity (in case of electrical heating) or the expenses for fuel (with local central heating). The individual control of the heating appliances in each room allows savings from all unnecessary expenses when there are no guests in the room or when they are absent for a long time.

The system will ensure the remote switching off at the reception of all forgotten heating appliances (radiators of the central heating, air-conditioners, convector heaters, etc.) is a room. Even in case of clothes and other inflammable materials left unattended on the appliances (when leaving the room), the remote switching off at the reception will protect you from fire, fumes or emissions of cancerogenous gases from excessive heating of synthetic materials.

With local central heating, the system allows independent switching off of each heating radiator by a PC at the reception. The control is done by an electric magnetic valve installed on the radiator itself.

The system allows the instant switching off (from the reception) of the radiators in all rooms (in case of failure of the boiler installation) or only on a certain floor without the necessity of going round the rooms and bothering the hotel guests.


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